how to pick your phone case?

There are many things you want to consider when picking your phone case. Don’t pick a case simply because of its design and visual appeal. You want a case that fully covers the phone so that when your phone hits a surface, the case absorbs the damage and keeps the phone unharmed, otherwise there’s no purpose in having the case in the first place. Next, you want to think about any accessories you would like to have on your phone case. Accessories include things such as self adhesive finger wrap, card holders, and camera lens protectors.


Self adhesive finger wrap allow you to have a better grip on your phone and can be used to take selfies with a more balanced grip while not worrying about dropping your device. They also act as a great kickstand so you can watch videos while your device stands upright.

Card holders are great if you have a problem with your wallet having too many cards inside of it. They’re convenient because you can put your cards or money in the holder and take them out whenever you need to pay for something.

Camera lens protectors are sliding shutters for when you drop your device on a surface. When they’re closed, they will keep the camera lens of your phone safe and whenever you want to take a photo, you can just slide it open.



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